Representative Matt Krause

The Honorable Pat Hardy, Texas State Board of Education

Carl Aasletten

Jose Aasletten

Murry Adams

Cosmè and Jennifer Alcantar

Kenya Alu

Jody and Patty Ambrose

Crissy Grimm Archer

Gloria Ardoin

Mette Blockhan

Tamera Brady

Micah Brenning

Steven Bridges

Abby Brown

Ryan Brown

Jerry Cabluck

Mike Campbell

Teresa Campbell

Patrick Carleton

Judy Clark

Sallie Clingman

Anthony Coccaro

Mary Coker

Chris Cole

Taylor Cole

Darron Collins

Ross Conner

Cornelia Cottrell

Liza Coughlin

Jared and Beth Cox

Noble Crawford

Leslie Currier

Amy Curry

Meghan Cushman

Joseph and Kimberly DeWoody

Daniel DiFonzo

Michelle Dooley

Kevin and Dana Drake

Jef Drummond

Bob and Laura Duval

Sarah Ferguson

Chad Fillmore

Dusty Fillmore

Stephanie Flaa
Matt Forbes

Becki Fowler

Bo French

Michael and Jennifer Gallagher

Greg Girard

John Hunter Goodell

Kody Gould

Missy Graves

Travis Ham

Brion Hart

Elizabeth Hatley

Bobbie Hefner

Brenda Helmer

Jason Helton

Reed Hitchcock

Kris Hutchison

Geoff and Marie Ice

Grant Irvin

Cyndy Ives

David Jacks

Jeff and Molly Jamison

Chad and Traci Jenkins

Paul and Arden Jenkins

Darren and Julia Keyes

Larry Kincade

Natalie Kloza

Steve Latimer

Sherry Lewis

Todd Line

Tara Long

Dutch and Meggie Lowy

Luis Luna

Dr. Dave Lunow

Anne Mangum

Kristen Margason

Paul and Mary Marsh

Aldo Martinez

Kristal May

Cameron McClure

She’ll McCoy

Matt Mildren

Melissa Miller

Nelson Mitchell

Katheryn Moore

Elizabeth Morand

Crystal Moras

William Morris

Angela Muro

Shelby Nelson

Ryan Norcross

Margie Norris

Federico Ortiz
Luke and Whitney Pent

Amy Pergande

Brian L Peterson

Richard Petty

Brian and Elizabeth Poe

Shelley Haddock-Powell

Leeland and Jackie Prowse

Vince and Mona Puente

Brent Pulliam

Geoff and Heather Radler

Gordon Ramsey

Ruth Ray

Dr. Dane Robinson

Jennifer Rogers

Jeffrey Roth

Adam and Tori Rubinson

Kelly Rudd

Paul Sarver

Jay Scheideman

Donna Schneider

Jacqueline Schneider

Kerri Shepard

Jack and Rebekah Simmons

John Sledge

Gina Smith

Jason and Christy Smith

Wayne Snyder

Lee Steele

Dub and Val Stocker

Richard Stone

Leslie Strickland

David Tanzer
Dr. David and Melinda Teitlebaum

Beth Timmerman

Carlos Turcios

Jenn Vegors
Jody and Kristee Walker

Roland Webster

Ellen Williams

Sean and Lisa Willis

Marlene Wills

Charles Cole Word


"As a Precinct Chair for precinct 3696, located in Dist. 7, I endorse Zeb Pent for City Council of Fort Worth.  Zeb would be a great asset and serve the residents well.  I know I can count on Zeb to support a low property tax burden and back the blue.  His strong business background is exactly what a growing city like Fort Worth needs."

-Ruth Ray, Precinct 3696 Chair

"We need more people like you to get involved!  Thank you for standing up for our families!"

-Marlene Wills

"I love the values but more importantly I love the transparency!"

-Reed Hitchcock